M S Swaminathan

M S Swaminathan
M S Swaminathan is an agricultural scientist who led India’s green revolution
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  • Aug 10 2016, 2223

    Several states like Bihar and Assam and the north eastern region are experiencing heavy floods causing much damage to lives and livelihoods. This is not uncommon and that is

  • Jul 13 2016, 2214

    India is the largest cultivator and consumer of pulses. Therefore our genetic diversity in grain legumes or pulses is very rich

  • Jun 15 2016, 2051

    The 2016 Global Nutrition Report of the International Food Policy Research Institute ranks India ra­ther low in terms of achieving nutrition security. In terms of under-5 stunting and wasting,

  • May 18 2016, 2234

    Marine fish catch is going down in rece­nt years by over 5 per cent per annum. There is a steep fall in the production of oil sardines

  • Apr 20 2016, 2226

    The monsoon and the market are two of the major determinants of a farmer’s economic wellbeing. According to available reports the southwest monsoon this year is likely to