M S Swaminathan

M S Swaminathan
M S Swaminathan is an agricultural scientist who led India’s green revolution
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  • Nov 28 2016, 0139

    Our green revolution has been sustained only because of public procurement of wheat and rice at a fairly reasonable MSP. In the Farmers’ Commission Report we have recommended

  • Nov 02 2016, 2200

    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. This was the advice Hippocrates gave as early as 370 BC

  • Sep 28 2016, 2204

    There is now a growing realisation that linking agriculture and nutrition would have the maximum impact for overcoming the malnutrition affecting large numbers of children, women and men in our

  • Aug 10 2016, 2223

    Several states like Bihar and Assam and the north eastern region are experiencing heavy floods causing much damage to lives and livelihoods. This is not uncommon and that is

  • Jul 13 2016, 2214

    India is the largest cultivator and consumer of pulses. Therefore our genetic diversity in grain legumes or pulses is very rich