Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ

Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ
The writer is a professor of science and religion
My Stories
  • Aug 05 2013, 1950

    The concept of ‘mob mentality’ was first coined by French social psychologist Gustave Le Bon in 1895, when referring to the belief that a group, a

  • Jul 29 2013, 2202

    Why is it so that when we are in an anonymous group, we hesitate to help an accident victim?

  • Jul 23 2013, 1029

    It has been generally accepted even by agnostics that meditation improves our mind, enhances our creativity and expands our memory.

  • Jul 15 2013, 2030

    Recently, news of an Italian neuroscientist saying that human head transplants are possible using available medical techniques, prominently flashed ar

  • Jul 08 2013, 2006

    On June 1, The New York Times asked a provocative philosophical question, “Does reading literature make us better?” The findings are really startl

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