Kuruvilla Pandikattu
The writer is a professor of science and religion
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The genius who lived life on his terms

Stephen Hawking, who died at 76, on World Day of Pi, March 14, 2018, was world famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist considered one of the best.

Does meditation help?

We have been generally assuming that meditation makes humans better, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Life, death and beyond

In a deeply moving TED talk, Lucy, remembered her husband Paul Kalanithi, a young neurosurgeon at Stanford University, USA,  who turned to writing after his terminal cancer diagnosis.

Seeking the special number

A huge math discovery in December,  2017  was made in the unlikeliest of places: on a church computer in a Memphis, USA.

Learn from women

Women today tend to live longer than men almost everywhere worldwide — in some countries by more than a decade.

When your brain “turns on” by art

When we experience art, especially together in a group, we feel connected to something larger.

Future is stranger than fiction

Silicon Valley is a place obsessed with the future, but often forgetful about the past.

The curious case of missing children

Why don’t we care for our own children?

The rise and fall of secularism

About 50 years ago,  in 1966, the distinguished Canadian-born anthropologist Anthony Wallace confidently predicted the global demise of religion at the hands of an advancing science: “belief i

Focus is the key for creativity

Which one helps us to be creative and productive? Too busy, too distracted or deeply concentrated? It is generally taken for granted that distraction does not yield fruits.