Arun Nigavekar

Arun Nigavekar
The writer is a former chairman of UGC and former VC of University of Pune
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  • Oct 04 2016, 2320

    Prime minister Narendra Modi’s tagline mera desh badal raha hai is a well meaning statement. We should take it seriously

  • Jul 12 2016, 2144

    The new cabinet is settling down to the task of governing the country. As expected there has been an increase in the number of ministers

  • Jun 28 2016, 2211

    University teachers had been complaining for the past two years about the higher workload notified by the university grants commission (UGC), requiring assistant professors to teach for 18 hours a

  • May 29 2016, 2140

    The ministry of human resource development (MHRD) is actively wo­rking on the contours of a hi­gher education financing ag­ency (Hefa), which has been proposed with the aim of fu­nding infrastructure

  • Apr 05 2016, 2243

    For an academician ha­ving spent 45 years in triggering change in hi­gher education, it is heartening to see a fresh round of change being triggered in the sector. Several

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