Arun Nigavekar

Arun Nigavekar
The writer is a former chairman of UGC and former VC of University of Pune
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  • Apr 05 2016, 2243

    For an academician ha­ving spent 45 years in triggering change in hi­gher education, it is heartening to see a fresh round of change being triggered in the sector. Several

  • Mar 22 2016, 2224

    Judging the quantity of knowledge that any higher education student has acquired is always a difficult task. The knowledge that students acquire in classroom learning is linked to their

  • Mar 08 2016, 2207

    The prime minister has started through Maan ki baat a communication with the people of India, conducted at least twice a month on Sunday, to express his vie­ws and his

  • Feb 23 2016, 2150

    Instead of focusing on quality education, the two national regulatory bodies for technical and higher education, the All India Council of Technical Education (AIC­TE) and the University Grants Commission (UGC),

  • Feb 09 2016, 2131

    The Commonwealth he­ads of government mee­ting held in Malta last November focused on Comm­onwealth of Learning’s (C­OL) initiative to support secondary schooling, training and skills development in the next few

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