Arun Nigavekar

Arun Nigavekar
The writer is a former chairman of UGC and former VC of University of Pune
My Stories
  • Jan 13 2015, 1957

    At present, the education system of developed nations is facing a storm created by a new process of delivery of education. It is truly a way of imparting mass

  • Dec 09 2014, 2055

    The Education World Forum, which has been operational for the past decade, is the largest annual gathering of more than 150 international education ministers. It is supported by foreign

  • Nov 11 2014, 2028

    After interacting with students and teaching community on a topic related to the role of higher education in the ever-changing global scenario, one often comes across two major issues;

  • Oct 28 2014, 2203

    That the Indian youth is undergoing a massive change in terms of enterprise and employment is something that becomes overwhelmingly evident when one meets and observes successful entrepreneurs in their

  • Oct 14 2014, 2042

    There has always been some sort of a disconnect between how things are taught in a classroom and how things work in the ‘real world’. While academicians, industrial community

You really found a way to

You really found a way to make this whole prcoess easier.

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